July 22nd Edition: Google’s Iron Grip on Android. The Most Unbelievable Tax Break Ever. Schlitterbahn’s Tragic Slide.

Man Who Retired at 35: Saving Money Won’t Make You Rich—Here’s What Will. Here’s the Final Nail in the Coffin of Open Plan Offices.

July 21st Edition: The Cashless Society. A Self-Obsessed Culture. Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other.

Stop Trying to Change Yourself. Fukushima’s Nuclear Signature Found in California Wine.

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How to Spend It: The Shopping List for the 1%. Using a Virus to Kill What Antibiotics Can’t.

July 19th Edition: Why Bad Technology Dominates Our Lives. The Intolerable Rise of Perfectionism. Can Economists and Humanists Ever Be Friends?

5 Smart Home Tricks That Are Actually Impressive. Undercover Facebook Moderator Was Instructed Not to Remove Fringe Groups or Hate Speech.

July 18th Edition: Learn to Embrace Failure. When a DNA Test Shatters Your Identity. Bourdain Confidential.

The Downfall of Theranos, From the Journalist Who Made It Happen. Seattle and the Socialist: The Battle Raging Between Amazon and the Far Left.

July 17th Edition: 5 Ways to Save Time. Make Productivity Contagious. No Meeting Days.

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July 15th Edition: Showing Up For Friends. Digital Exile. To Be Resilient.

'Data Is a Fingerprint': Why You Aren't as Anonymous as You Think Online. Cleaning Toilets, Following Rules: A Migrant Child’s Days in Detention.

July 14th Edition: Middle Children Are Going Extinct. Meet Your Body’s Water Needs. Is Lab-Grown Meat Really Meat?

Open Offices Are as Bad as They Seem-They Reduce Face-To-Face Time by 70%. Don’t Feed the Trolls, and Other Hideous Lies.

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The Open-Plan Office Is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea. Die Hard at 30: How It Remains the Quintessential American Action Movie.

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The Average Age of a Successful Startup Founder Is 45. Patriotic Correctness Will Doom Us All.

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Keep on Moving: The Bizarre Dance Epidemic of Summer 1518. Spy For Us — Or Never Speak To Your Family Again.

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New Reason to Worry About Air Pollution. Riddle of the Sands: The Truth Behind Stolen Beaches and Dredged Islands.

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Americans Are Having Fewer Babies. They Told Us Why. The Fallacy of Obviousness.

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