October 18th Edition: How China Rips off the iPhone and Reinvents Android. This Secretive Fitness Society Pushes the Limits of Human Endurance. What Do We Actually Know About the Risks of Screen Time and Digital Media?

Instagram Has A Massive Harassment Problem. This Is What Would Happen to Your Body if You Only Ate Fruits and Vegetables.

October 17th Edition: A Pioneering Scientist Explains ‘Deep Learning’. Invasion of the ‘Frankenbees’. How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town.

A New Study Reveals the Real Reason Obama Voters Switched to Trump. A Google Pixel 3 Review In The Age Of Incremental Updates And Unrelenting Trauma.

October 16th Edition: What We Get Wrong About Automation. Steps Toward a Paperless Office. Closing the Gap Between IT and Everyone Else.

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October 15th Edition: The Lost Art of Concentration. Paul McCartney Can’t Stop Making People Happy. The Resilience of the American Vacation in Mexico.

Sears, the Original Everything Store, Nears a Bankruptcy Filing. The Pentagon's Weapons Are 'Easily Hacked' With 'Basic Tools'.

October 14th Edition: The College Where No Student Has Paid Tuition. Gamified Life. The People Who Moved to Chernobyl.

The Age of the Aluminum Flagship Phone Is Over. Why Futurism Has a Cultural Blindspot.

October 13th Edition: How to Stop Wasting Your Life Watching TV. Silicon Valley’s Saudi Arabia Problem. Mensch At Work.

A Diet Guru Explains Why You Should Eat Dinner at 2pm. The High-Risk, High-Reward World of Selling Stuff on Amazon.

October 12th Edition: The Age of Envy. The Banana Is Dying. The Great Rikers Island Art Heist.

Desire Paths: The Illicit Trails That Defy the Urban Planners. Set Up Your Financial Accounts Like You're Going to Be Hacked

October 11th Edition: Why You Have (Probably) Already Bought Your Last Car. Facebook Isn’t Sorry. Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture.

Is the Secret of Productivity Really Just Doing What You Enjoy? How the Weird Case of the Missing Interpol Chief Got Even Weirder.

October 10th Edition: How to Find Hidden Cameras. Sleep: How Much Do We Really Need? The Internet’s Keepers.

Why Is Behavioral Economics So Popular? The Ghosts of the Glacier.

October 9th Edition: Workplace Advice I Wish I Had Known. The Exercise That Helps Mental Health Most. Mistakes You Make in a Meeting’s First Milliseconds.

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October 8th Edition: The Automation Charade. Your Kids Hate Your Smartphone Addiction. The Return of the Face.

World Economy at Risk of Another Financial Crash, Says IMF. The Worst Job in American Politics.

October 7th Edition: How Does the World Tip? 'We Just Got Banksy-ed'. How Self-Love Got out of Control.

Microsoft is Apple now. Scientists Create a New Font Designed to Boost Your Memory.

October 6th Edition: Why Do Computers Use So Much Energy? The Best Music Streaming Service. The Elevator-Phobes of a Vertical City.

Secret Amazon Brands Are Quietly Taking over Amazon.com. The Untold Story of Stripe, the Secretive $20bn Startup Driving Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

October 5th Edition: Being Famous Is Awful. Wi-Fi 6 Is Coming: Here's Why You Should Care. Rifts Break Open at Facebook Over Kavanaugh Hearing.

The Tragic End of Telltale Games. Here's Why You Absolutely Need To Get A Flu Shot This Year, According To Experts.

October 4th Edition: Raised by YouTube. 50 Essential iOS Apps. I Found Trump’s Biggest Fan.

The Myth of The Infrastructure Phase. Guide to the 2018 Midterms.

October 3rd Edition: Why I’m Worried About Google. The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job. Godmother of Intelligences.

Unraveling a Tesla Mystery: Lots (and Lots) of Parked Cars. Vigilante Engineer Stops Waymo from Patenting Key Lidar Technology.

October 2nd Edition: Is Fasting the Fountain of Youth? The Bad, Good Lawyer. The American Dream Is Harder To Find In Some Neighborhoods.

Is Social Media Addiction in the NBA Out of Control? The First “Social Network” of Brains Lets Three People Transmit Thoughts to Each Other’s Heads.

October 1st Edition: The Most Important Survival Skill for the Next 50 Years. Kids’ Brainpower Tied to Exercise, Sleep and Limited Screen Time. The War over Music Copyrights.

'I'm Surrounded by People - but I Feel so Lonely'. Until Data Is Misused, Facebook’s Breach Will Be Forgotten.

September 30th Edition: So Is It Nature Not Nurture After All? The Eternal Life of the Instant Noodle. Why Real Change Won’t Come From Billionaire Philanthropists.

My Career as an International Blood Smuggler. Insider Trading’s Odd Couple: The Goldman Banker and the NFL Linebacker.

September 29th Edition: How to Harness Your ‘Prime Time’ for Peak Productivity. Why High-Performers Don’t Use To-Do Lists. The Power of Doing Nothing.

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