The Productivity Pack

Boost your productivity with subscriptions to award-winning apps that help you get it all done.

$490+ worth of premium services


An extraordinary 85% discount!

  • pocket
  • lastpass
  • wunderlist
  • evernote
  • uberconference
  • do
  • nyt

What the Pack Includes

Premium one-year subscriptions for the following services:

Pocket Premium

One-Year Subscription (Valued at $44.99/year)

Pocket lets you save articles, videos, and web pages to view anytime, anywhere. Pocket Premium takes your productivity to the next level with powerful features designed to let you do more with the content you save.

Wunderlist Pro

One-Year Subscription (Valued at $49.99/year)

Whether you’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to share your lists & get stuff done.

LastPass Premium

One-Year Subscription (Valued at $12/year)

Remember your passwords, login to websites without typing, and organize your online life with LastPass. And with LastPass Premium, you can sync to all your computers and mobile devices, easily share logins, and access additional security features.


One-Year Subscription (Valued at $120.00/year)

UberConference fixes all the broken aspects of traditional conference calling, giving you a simple and pain-free way to run conferences without the hassle of PIN codes.


One-Year Subscription (Valued at $140.00/year)

Work Less Dumb. Use Quip, the place to create, document, discuss and organize the stuff that your team works on.


One-Year Subscription (Valued at $120.00/year)

Do ( helps you run productive meetings. With a Do subscription, you can set and share agendas, take collaborative meeting notes, mark followups and outcomes, share files, and more. A credit card is required to start using Do.

And as an added bonus:

The New York Times

12-week All Digital Access Subscription

Enjoy 12 weeks of free, unlimited digital access to The New York Times. This includes access to, NYTimes smartphone and tablet apps, and innovative video content including our new virtual reality films.


Who’s behind all of this?

The Productivity Pack is the joint creation of your favorite productivity services: Pocket, Wunderlist, LastPass, Quip,, and UberConference. We’re super excited to team up and give you a truly great deal on our Premium and Pro services!

Plus, as a bonus, The New York Times is including 12 free weeks of All Digital Access to and NYTimes mobile apps for new subscribers!

Can I buy multiple Productivity Packs for myself or my co-workers?

Yes! You’re more than welcome to purchase multiple Productivity Packs. Just place additional purchases on this page, or if you’d like to pay all at once, we can send you an invoice. If interested, please get in touch at

I already have a Premium or Pro subscription for any of these services. Can I still take advantage of The Productivity Pack?

Yes! You can still take advantage of this bundle, even if you already subscribe. Sweet!

If you are an existing subscriber and have made your purchase through iTunes or Google Play, it is very important that you disable auto-renewal for your subscription on iTunes or Google Play to avoid being charged for two active subscriptions on your account.

Here’s how to manage your subscription in iTunes and manage your subscription in Google Play.

Please note that the bonus offer for The New York Times All Digital Access subscription is only available to new subscribers, but will make a great gift if you already subscribe and want to spread the love.

What happens at the end of my subscriptions?

The Productivity Pack itself does not auto-renew. Instead, you can decide continue your subscription with each service individually.

With the exception of, your subscriptions to each of these services will not auto-renew. If you prefer to not continue your subscription at the end of your 12-month trial, you can easily contact Do support to disable auto-renew.

How can I redeem my purchase?

After purchasing The Productivity Pack, you will be presented with redemption codes for each service. If you are not a member of a service you will be able to sign up when you redeem your code. Your codes will also be emailed to you.

Do the redemption codes expire? Can I get a refund?

Please be sure to redeem your upgrades no later than May 1, 2017. After that date, they will no longer be accepted.

We’re sorry, but we will not be issuing refunds for Productivity Pack purchases.

Is The Productivity Pack available in my country?

The Productivity Pack is available worldwide, and can be purchased in US Dollars.

I need help with a service included in the Productivity Pack. What should I do?

We’re more than happy to help! Please get in touch by visiting the appropriate page below:

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

For other questions about the Productivity Pack, please email us at


Boost your productivity now with
premium subscriptions to:

  • pocket
  • lastpass
  • wunderlist
  • evernote
  • uberconference
  • do
  • nyt

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